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I am a UI designer with years of graphic design experience. Seven years of work with an eye for detail whose work emphasizes creativity and innovation. Highly skilled in photo and layout with a mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD and After Effects. Past projects range from multiple page layouts, vector creation, photo editing to social media content. Seeking to pivot into UI opportunities bringing along my graphic background. I am available for a design conversation and job opportunities or please click through to my portfolio to see my case studies.


I am drawn to color and the beauty around me. I have always been drawn to art and design. Growing up I was constantly in my sketch book or having some kind of craft happening on the dining room table. I love paper and books just as much as the internet and enjoy designing all types of projects across both web and print mediums. I work with typography, photography, social media, packaging, publication and love to dabble in motion graphics!  I also love to daydream -mostly about food and travel- and take a million photos that fill up my phone storage.

I started my UI Design certification a couple months ago. User Interface design is such an interesting medium. It takes all sorts from print techniques to photography, video, to motion graphics and incorporated them into UI. The first big difference was calling the people who will use the product/service, "Users".
How will users view the project?

Where/When will they use it?

What kind of tasks the users will complete?

How to make it more accessible to be more inclusive?

With my background of graphic design, UI has opened up another style that still satisfies my visual eye but challenges my mind with the possibilities of interaction.

UI is not the only medium I am interested in. I want to explore video, photo, motion graphics and probably more. I want to become a better designer and the more I learn, research, design, fail, review and slave on, the more I will turn my design not just pretty picture but better experiences. Communicating information using art and design in an intellectual environment and still satisfying the visual eye is the biggest challenge for a designer and I believe that I will do that and more given the opportunity. As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -an internationally acclaimed author said, “When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise.” And who doesn’t want to be part of that? 

I am open for freelance gigs too. If interested, please contact me by email at: sharvari1kulkarni@gmail.com.










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Sharvari Kulkarni

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